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The Spectre of MEV on Bitcoin

Walt Smith

Mar 18, 2024

Early into Ethereum’s journey, the unbounded dangers of Miner Extractable Value or MEV drove people back to Bitcoin. “MEV nihilists” embraced Bitcoin’s extreme simplicity as the sole solution to the pathological tendencies of open, expressive systems. While Bitcoin still lacks expressiveness, the introduction of Ordinal Theory by Casey Rodarmor, along with a renaissance of proposed implementations for trust-minimized sidechains has brought the dark forest to Bitcoin’s once pearly shores.

Towards the Cybereconomy

Stepan Gershuni

Mar 11, 2024

AI is advancing rapidly. AGI is coming. This is the largest technological wave impacting society. It leads to risks such as the centralization of power and ownership by a limited number of entities, censorship, regulatory control, unequal distribution of technology, and politically biased AI. In this article we explore how cryptography, distributed systems, machine learning, and cryptoeconomic networks, when used collectively, can enhance existing AI systems. This increases competition, accelerates innovation, and makes AI more fair, accessible, explainable, and useful.

The MVI Grants Program

Konstantin Lomashuk and Artem Kotelskiy

Feb 5, 2024

We announce a $500k cyber•Grants Program devoted to studying the broad impacts of Ethereum issuance policy changes, in particular on the staking economy and its decentralization. As part of motivation, we present a basic analysis suggesting that the currently proposed MVI policy hurts solo & decentralized actors much more than the centralized ones, and describe a realistic scenario where Coinbase controls >51% of ETH staked.

From Hands-On to Hands-Off: Playbook for Serial Founders

Alexander Orlov

Feb 19, 2024

How do founders step back and shift into a more strategic role? Our Strategy Team researched this subtle question, and interviewed unicorn founders, fund managers and CEOs to create an actionable playbook.

Deconstructing Account Abstraction

Artem Kotelskiy

Jan 11, 2024

Account Abstraction solves Ethereum onboarding UX problems: seed phrase backups and ETH-denominated gas fees. In this article, we decompose Account Abstraction at the lowest level, explaining in detail what it is and how the corresponding technical standard ERC-4337 works. After that we also conduct three case studies, covering various technological aspects of smart contract wallets — security models in Argent, modular contract architecture in Safe, and network abstraction in Avocado.

Introducing cyber•Fund

Konstantin Lomashuk and Vasiliy Shapovalov

Dec 14, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of cyber•Fund: a private investment company led by Konstantin Lomashuk and Vasiliy Shapovalov which consists of a liquid portfolio, a strategic portfolio and a new $100mm venture arm. We believe that the future will be radically transformed by technologies emerging today. Our aim is to help fuel the founders accelerating the frontier of the new cybernetic economy at the intersection of blockchain, robotics, AI and IoT.