Research-driven builders and investors in the cybernetic economy

We contributed to Lido DAO,, =nil; Foundation, DRPC, Neutron and invested into 150+ projects

Introducing cyber•Fund

A decade ago cyber•Fund was formed with the thesis that a new, more efficient and more open economy was emerging.

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of cyber•Fund: a private investment company led by Konstantin Lomashuk and Vasiliy Shapovalov which consists of a liquid portfolio, a strategic portfolio and a new $100mm venture arm. We believe that the future will be radically transformed by technologies emerging today. Our aim is to help fuel the founders accelerating the frontier of the new cybernetic economy at the intersection of blockchain, robotics, AI and IoT.

The Story so far

cyber•Fund was started in 2014 with the aim to research and partner with emerging blockchain-based economies. While at the time Bitcoin dominated the space, we observed 100s of early crypto projects and began experimenting. Our thesis was that the crypto economy would have a profound impact on the world via its new asset class, – blockchain assets – and the programmatic, open applications built on top of them.

After starting with Ethereum in 2014, we began working with category leaders to foster a more sustainable, open and cybernetic economy. Our early work included seeding Ethereum, Dfinity, Cosmos, Solana, LazyLedger (Celestia), EigenLayer, along with 150+ other category defining projects. In parallel, we supported our vision by building things ourselves, designing and pioneering critical infrastructure, products, and protocols.

Our Journey in Product Creation

We love making investments and building great products. As entrepreneurs, we've faced challenges and grown from our mistakes. This deep understanding of tech and the difficulties of operating and building helps us make better investment decisions and thereby support the next generation of entrepreneurs and visionaries. In conjunction, partnering with great founders has helped us in our entrepreneurial efforts.

Back in 2014, we envisioned a future governed by proof of stake networks. This led to the eventual inception of validator in 2018 – one of the leading non-custodial staking providers with a single mission: to ensure that blockchains remain decentralized and censorship-resistant. Starting with Cosmos, expanded its capabilities to secure over 40 networks today.

2.Lido DAO

Since its first block, we've monitored the state of Ethereum PoS. Recognizing the potential threat of centralization posed by exchanges and other centralized entities, we contributed to the Lido DAO. This middleware, designed for stakers and node operators, helps preserve Ethereum's credible neutrality. Lido DAO has pioneered liquid staking, securing more than $20B while unlocking capital efficiency and making Ethereum PoS accessible to anyone.

3.=nil; Foundation

Alongside P2P we began contributing to open cryptography libraries and research through the =nil; foundation, a group focused on advancing database and zero-knowledge-based systems. Our work with =nil; over the last five years has included building bridges from Ethereum to other networks, building a zkLLVM compiler, pioneering Proof Markets, and more recently zkSharding.

Why are we doing it?

We believe blockchain provides the foundation for a trustless programmable innovation layer. This innovation is pivotal in enabling regulation through technology, fostering decentralized finance and establishing new, permissionless identities. On top of this foundation, the combination of technology and capital can catalyze a hyperlinear growth of intelligence – ability to solve complex problems and generate new knowledge. Furthermore, the integration of IoT and robotics will merge the physical & digital worlds into one cybernetic future.

With the relaunch of cyber, we are doubling down on our vision of technology and capital forming a cybernetic future. We foresee the emergence of a deeply interconnected and automated economy, radically transforming our current state over the next few decades. The technologies at the heart of this disruption collectively harbor the potential to elevate humanity to unprecedented heights. This evolution is not just a possibility, it is inevitable. Our role, as we perceive it, is to be a catalyst.

For this new 100mm venture fund our main focuses are on advanced cryptography systems (zero-knowledge, fully homomorphic encryption, etc), DeFi, Network States, Cybernetic Orgs (BORGS), alternative reputation systems and data marketplaces, robotics and artificial intelligence driven systems, agents, and devices.

Cyber•Fund’s purpose, mission, and vision are:


Accelerate the world's transition to a cybernetic economy.


A world where advanced technologies optimize and coordinate efficient, open, sustainable, and credibly neutral economic activity.


Ensure a healthy transformation to a cybernetic economy that benefits humanity.

The cyber•Future

Technology becoming broadly accessible is the sole catalyst for societal growth. Today we are on the precipice of the next great wave of technological growth due to the emergence of scalable blockchain networks, new cryptographic schemes, and an explosion of intelligent computation from LLMs. 

We are excited to witness the next leaps of growth humanity will experience due to these technologies maturing, evolving, and entangling into the world.